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Get FREE Credit as a Zen Ambassador

If you've been enjoying our International Calling service why not share it with your friends. Why not become a ZenMinutes Ambassador?

So what do you have to do to be our Ambassador? Nothing much really ... Each customer has a unique link available in their ZenMinutes Account. You can share it (via email, SMS or Facebook) with people you believe would actually benefit off our service. It is always best to share it with friends who usually place international calls, friends who have family abroad or who place regular business calls internationally.

We are putting up special tr...

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PayPal added as payment option

We have expanded our payment options selection from Cards (Visa/Mastercard) to include Paypal.

You can now take advantage of our international calling services while using one of the largest electronic wallets out there.

Thank you all for your feedback on improving our services!

Remember: International calling is easy!


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ZenNigeriaPride Contest

Tell us why you are proud of Nigeria and win 20EUR calling credit on ZenMinutes App!

The short version:

  • ▪ Post on ZenMinutes Facebook Page why you are proud to be Nigerian and include the hashtag #ZenNigeriaPride.
  • ▪ We will review your post and approve it (as long as it meets the Rules)
  • ▪ Share the post with your friends
  • ▪ You WIN if your post has the most "Likes" and "Shares" (combined total) of all the Posts on our timeline which i...

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ZenMinutes App for International Calling

The market for international calling Apps offers plenty of options from free calling to texting or even video. So, why use ZenMinutes App to place your international calls?

Clean service - No Hidden Fees!

We have dedicated our efforts to provide a fully clean service which will ALWAYS charge you the rate advertised, nothing more, nothing less!

Simple Mobile App

We focus on keeping things simple. This is why our mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) does the one thing which is important for you: It enables you to call!

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International Calls to Africa - Labor Day 2017

Labor Day is celebrated all around the world by billions of people.

We have prepared a special offer for international calls to mobile phones in Africa, valid until 7th May 2017 inclusive, for any orders placed for either ZenCredit or Zen Deals.

The offer gives a 15% Discount on regular purchases which means that for just 8.5Eur+VAT you can get either of the following:

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Shopping Guide for international calling

Placing an international call should be an easy thing, right? You should expect that you have a good call quality and that you are paying the advertised rate per minute.

With this is exactly what you will get! Premium routes, no hidden fees, transparent billing!

Question is: are you getting the same from our competition? Unfortunately the industry "standard" over the years has evolved into a very nasty behavior from international calling providers.

The main gimmick on the market is the mismatch between the rate advertised ...

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Catch the April Early Bird Special

People all around the world have a lot to celebrate in April and so do we!

We are giving a way a 15% ZenDiscount on ZenCredit or ZenDeals purchased until the end of April 2017.

Oh, and YOU don't need to do anything special! Just place your order and it will be applied by default then sit back and enjoy some quality time on the phone with the ones you care about.

Even better! Any automatic order for ZenCredit or ZenDeal placed until end of April will have the ZenDiscount applied automatically.

Enjoy and remember: International calling is easy...

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The journey begins

So here we are... at the beginning of a beautiful journey to provide international calling to smartphone users across the world at affordable rates and excellent call quality over internet connection.

We, the team, have accumulated 58 years of telecom experience in different positions, from technical to sales, and have been heavily preparing for this moment: embracing You as our customer.

The road has been tough and yes, we know we are not giving you something new, we are not reinventing the wheel. It is this exact mindset that has determined us to create for you a s...

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