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How do I create My Account

Just type in your phone number correctly (double-check it!) and wait a few seconds for the SMS validation. It’s that easy! But make sure you can access that phone number and that the corresponding SIM card is active, in a functional phone. Validation is done quickly via text message (SMS).

What is my PIN?

The PIN number is a 6-digit number, randomly generated by the system. The same PIN number is also your account’s password. Once the account has been created, the PIN number/password, can be changed directly from your online account. The new PIN/password is meant to make your online account login easier, as the app itself has no logout option and will therefore no longer require your PIN, after the initial install.

I haven't received my PIN

Firstly, make sure you typed in the right phone number when creating the account. Then, make sure your phone can receive text messages (SMS) on the registered phone number. If you have tried to resend the PIN and it still doesn't work, please get in touch in with us from our website (via our Live Chat or using the Contact section).

How can I recharge my account?

You can add credit in 2 simple ways: 1. From your Online Account and 2. Directly from the ZenMinutes app (Android only). If you want to stop worrying about running out of minutes, you can enable Automatic Recharge from your Online Account.

How does Automatic Recharge work?

Whenever your balance drops below the selected amount (2 or 5 EUR options), your account will be automatically recharged with the same value of your last completed order, using the same payment method. You can enable/disable this option at any time, from your online account.

When will my Credit expire?

The ZenMinutes Credit expires in 6 months after your last use. Plenty of time, isn’t it? This means that, if you continue using our services (place at least one call every 6 months), your credit never really expires!

How do I log out of the application?

There is no button or option within the ZenMinutes App to log out, for now. The application is linked to your current phone number for as long as you have the app installed and the number was validated via SMS.

Does it work from a desktop?

Our services are specifically created to work from smartphones only via the ZenMinutes app. Our Android and iOS apps are not compatible with tablets and iPads.

How much data does the app use?

Our app can use up to 600 kb per minute (34 MB per hour). These are max values as in most cases our dedicated VoIP equipment packetizes much lower data volumes.

I can’t Sign Up

Unable to create account at this time - Make sure you entered a valid phone number (check digits, exclude zeros before country code) where you can receive a text message (PIN confirmation SMS). Can’t create an account now! Try later!

I can’t Login

Double check you have typed in the correct numbers -; the phone number you registered with and the PIN number (you received by SMS). NOTE: For your first app login, you need an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or data), so make sure you have a good connection/coverage. Should the issue persist, please get in touch in with us from our website (via our Live Chat or using the Contact section).

Incorrect PIN

Keep your phone connected to internet (Wi-Fi or data), and double check you have typed in the right number. You can always double check it, against the SMS we’ve sent you when you signed up.

Forgot PIN?

No problem, be Zen! Click Forgot PIN and we will send you an SMS on the phone number registered in the account, with your newly generated PIN.

Max retries reached Successfully sent new PIN by SMS

For your own security, we limit the login Forgot PIN actions. First, there is a one-minute waiting time, during which you should receive a text message (SMS) with the new PIN. Should you use the Forgot PIN option more than 3 times in a day, you will reach the max retries count and therefore no longer be able to use it for the next 24hrs. If that happens and you need the PIN sooner, please get in touch in with us from our website (via our Live Chat or using the Contact section).

Not Registered (Status)

This status appears in the app, when your phone is not connected to Internet services (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data). To make things happen, you should connect your phone to Internet. If this is not possible and you need to call, we have yet another solution: look for a local Access Number available for your country.

Access Denied

There are several reasons why you may be getting this message. The most common situation is when users are trying to register several accounts (phone numbers) from the same location (IP). We strongly encourage you to try our service and therefore we give out a 10 minutes Free Trial for certain destinations. However, we expect a fair usage from our customers and as such, everyone should only benefit of the free calls only once. NOTE: In the event when there are multiple users from the same household who want to register, the situation you described may occur, in which case you should wait a couple hours and try again. If you feel that this is not the case for you, please get in touch in with us from our website (via our Live Chat or using the Contact section).