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Shopping Guide for international calling

Placing an international call should be an easy thing, right? You should expect that you have a good call quality and that you are paying the advertised rate per minute.

With this is exactly what you will get! Premium routes, no hidden fees, transparent billing!

Question is: are you getting the same from our competition? Unfortunately the industry "standard" over the years has evolved into a very nasty behavior from international calling providers.

The main gimmick on the market is the mismatch between the rate advertised on the website and the actual rate that you are charged for your international call. Why they do that? It is because this enables them to advertise a very low rate per minute when in fact the end price you pay is usually higher than a clean business. Here are some of the explanations you might receive:

"taxes" many providers of international calls will charge an extra percentage amount for each call you place and call it (in the Terms and Conditions) a tax. Nobody knows where these taxes go, why they are charged and why they were not transparently advertised on the website when you made your purchase.

"connection fee" - yes, this still exists with some international calling providers, and it means that, once your call is connected, on top of the advertised charge per minute you will also get a one time per call charge (discretionary to the provider).

"disconnection fee" - one of the latest problem with international calling providers. This can be a fixed amount charged per call or a variable amount charged depending on how long your call was, the original rate per minute or the destination country you called. Oh, and yes, they can apply it for specific calls which exceed a certain duration

"periodic fees" - a daily, weekly, monthly charge taken off your purchased calling credit that is also sometimes called "maintenance fee". There's no real explanation you will receive for it ... some will say that it is for maintaining the network ...

"the ghost" - so ... that's not all? Well, nope! Some businesses decide, at their own discretion to take away few cents from time to time, "randomly", from your credit. You will never feel it but, if you add up all your costs at the end of the month, you will see that something is missing.

Have you been the victim of such unfriendly businesses? If yes, give a try.

We guarantee that we will always be transparent on the way we bill your calls and you are always in control of your spending, because after all: International calling is easy!

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Placing an international call should be an easy thing, right? You should expect that you have a good call quality and that you are paying the advertised rate per minute.

With ZenMin...

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