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So you're new with ZenMinutes App and you've already tried our international calling service ... We hope that you enjoyed your Free Trial minutes and that you've had a great calling experience. What next?

Well ... because we appreciate your business so far we would like to offer you a special welcome gift.

15% OFF with your first order for Zen Credit!

How do you get the discount?

The discount is automatically applied to your first order. Oh and don't worry, if your order doesn't go through you can always come back and try again. We will keep this discount available to you until you have a completed transaction.

How long is this promotion valid?

At this point we plan to maintain this promotion active for an undetermined period of time. We might, however, change the value of the discount or discontinue the promotion at any time in the future so DON'T MISS OUT on this opportunity!

What's the minimum you can buy?

Just as until now, you can choose to buy any of the following denominations: 5, 10, 20 or 50 EUR/USD. Just remember that the discount applies only for your first order so our advice is to buy as much as you can. Your credit only expires 6 months after your last call attempt so you shouldn't worry about losing your money with us!

Thanks again for being our customer! Enjoy!

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We have expanded our payment options selection from Cards (Visa/Mastercard) to include Paypal.

You can now take advantage of our international calling services while using one of the larges...

The short version:

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The market for international calling Apps offers plenty of options from free calling to texting or even video. So, why use ZenMinutes App to place your international calls?

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With ZenMin...

People all around the world have a lot to celebrate in April and so do we!

We are giving a way a 15% ZenDiscount on ZenCredit or ZenDeals purchased until the end of April 2017...

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